Wash Your Face!

The Holidays can take a real toll on our skin care routines. From too much sugar over Christmas to waking up New Years Day with a full face of make-up on, it can be hard to stick with the program. Here’s why it’s important to make the time for the basics.

You get home after the party and fall into bed without so much as a splash of water touching your face. I totally get it, I’ve been there and done that, more times than I care to admit. When I was in my twenties it didn’t seem as big an issues but now that I’m *ahem*, a bit older (and particularly since I am prone to acne), changes in my routine can cause big problems.

These days I rarely go a day without at a minimum washing my face and using a basic moisturizer. Here are some things which should help you remember to at least wash your face before you go to bed.

One of the things we love most about our favorite Holiday make-up looks, are the bright long lasting colors and stay-put coverage. Unfortunately this is achieved with ingredients best not left on the skin for more than the day. Sleeping in leftover eye make-up can cause styes and encourage infections. The blending agents in foundations can clog pores overnight and causes acne and encourages wrinkles. That bomb ass lip gloss all your friends loved, probably contains wax. Which made it super shiny and festive, but when left on overnight can be drying to your skin.

Not to worry, none of this is the end of the world. A night or two of neglect during the holiday season isn’t likely to ruin all the work you put into keeping your skin looking it’s best, but really why chance it? My suggestion is to have a stripped down routine for nights when you can barely be bothered. Skip the serums and toners and just make sure your skin can breathe and has a fresh shot of hydration. It’s always nice to start the day with a clean face. Even if after all that Merry Making, it doesn’t actually start until the afternoon. 

Happy New Year!

Wash your face